Simple values

We believe that over-complicating things just wastes time and money, and so we kept our values short and sharp. These are to give you the very best in :

  1. Quality
  2. Delivery
  3. Cost

These three are our mantra and each are routed in our everyday DNA. They run through the veins of everyone we employ.

Love a challenge 

We’re often challenged to plate parts that no one else can – and we’re immensely proud when the finished article is delivered on time and within budget.


To help evolve our engineering departments into what they are today, we listened to our customers and took on board their needs. We learned that by adapting our building space, our working hours, even the way we grind, prep, plate and finish, this made us better and more efficient at what we do.


To help protect the well-being of others, our electroplating, application, corrosion protection and latest safety improvements go towards protecting the environment and not only meet, but exceed all standards set.

People first 

With a strong focus built on a flat layered organisational structure, we’re totally committed to our people and their families. In fact, because most of our colleagues have been with us such a long time, we don’t just know them, we know their families too.


We believe that respecting people, training them correctly over time, and giving them the tools needed is the key to a happier, more engaged workforce. In addition, we always aim to promote from within, and invest heavily into training and development throughout the entire business.

Round the Clock

Interestingly, our teams fully support our 24-hour operation to ensure we meet customer deadlines (often more important than anything else) and to make sure both teams hand-off perfectly, A/B communication is key – it’s called teamwork.