We’re a bit obsessed 

Forget for a minute about process, capacity, and that all-important quotation, because what sets us at UKChrome apart is in the way we approach projects.

We’re all about the engineering, tolerances, and total quality – and we don’t rest until we get this right. Having developed a unique approach, our process helps de-risk projects, whether human, process or applicational risk.

Understanding engineering

Most companies typically plate the micron deposition asked for by the drawing – and then give you your part back. We don’t. 

Instead, we ‘deep dive’ into your part’s engineering and its application. Why? We do this to understand the part it plays so we can make it function. Doing this helps us to develop the correct plating needed – and when you receive your part back, it’s ready for application, fit for purpose and guaranteed. 

Liquid Engineers

We believe the greatest asset of any company is its people and equally so, for them to develop from within. This is evidenced by our specialist team known as the ‘Liquid Engineers’.

From chemists to Grinders, Honers to CNC Operators, our highly talented individuals provide customers with all the confidence and support by delivering a high quality, engineer-plated part that’s as good as, or if not better than when it was new.

We at UKChrome continue to work with many different clients, from all markets and from all around the world. We overcome all kinds of technical plating difficulties and take each instruction carefully to deliver in the most challenging of times.

Shared technology

Our work is varied – handling small to multinational companies worldwide – and our very own internet-based processing & route card system that makes this possible. We can be sure of quality at each stage and adapt easily to fit in with our customer’s own processing & administration structures.


Our recent investment into new plant and equipment help provide customers with up-to-date information on things such as completed works, delivery and records. This means key members are updated at every step of the way. 

Why use UKChrome

We at UKChrome are not just ISO 9001-2015 accredited, we’re also IPPC approved, and both ensure we take our environmental responsibility seriously. 

Quality is the lifeblood of our business. All parts are 100% inspected by our in-house inspection team in our dedicated facility.

Deploying UKChrome to take care of you and your business will control and resolve any plating issues you may have now or in the future. For this, you have our word.